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Amstech has the flexibility and ability to meet the needs of our customers, not only for today, but also into the future  * EXPERIENCE * VISION * SERVICE * DEDICATION * CREATIVITY * DETERMINATION * RELIABILITY * INTEGRITY * INNOVATION * ENTHUSIASM * RESULTS *


Amstech Power Products, L.L.C. combines the old skills and experience with a strong knowledge of cutting edge techniques.  Our unique marketing abilities help our principles reach a highly lucrative market of prospective customers.  Our aim is to educate and connect our customer’s current & future needs or desires, with an organization that we represent.  We strive to create a unique and memorable experience with each contact and even every email, which publicizes our principles products & services.

For over 34 years Amstech has been committed to building strong, lasting relationships with our valued clients and strategic partners.  We offer a historical knowledge of the customer base and territory. Our goal is to provide outstanding dedicated service and value to our customers.  We are the leading and most admired Manufacturer’s Representative in our markets.

We accomplish this goal through our professionalism, pro-active sales approach, and by representing only a select handful of high quality, service oriented manufacturers that are the very best in each of their respective industries. We utilize the latest successful marketing innovations providing our principles with many value added services. 

Our enhanced ability to support the companies we represent with creative product design ideas, marketing, telemarketing, and customer service greatly enhances our opportunities to sell products, and distinguishes us from a typical sales organization.  We have produced PowerPoint technical sales and educational presentations that have been created for each of our product lines.  We maintain an extensive databaseAmstech’s "Learning Series" is favorably received, and emailed to over five thousand current & prospective customers.  While the traditional skills we utilize are still essential to a successful agent, the new ones are equally crucial.

Amstech provides rapid response while maintaining the highest of ethical standards.  We specialize in building long-term business relationships with our technical astute clients.

What sets us apart is that we work harder and smarter to provide superior products and services.

Our business depends on companies such as yours, and our success depends on your success.

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