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Compact Exhaust Silencer

Air-Assisted Compressor Packages for SCR Systems

Bellows & Flex connectors

Braided Connectors & Flex Connectors

Brazed Heat Exchangers

Clamps & Tube Connectors

Compact Silencers - Space & Weight Saving

Coolers: Oil, Air, and Oil & Air Combo models

Cylindrical Silencers

Day Tanks, Fuel Purifiers, & Pumping Systems

DEF Urea Tanks, Pumping, Heat/Cool, & Fill Systems

DEF Uear Head Tank Systems

Disk & Rectangular Silencers - Internally Insulated

Engine Starters (AC & DC) + Explosion Proof

Exhaust Systems & Full Line of Accessories

Exhaust Accessories: Gaskets, Elbows, Clamps, Flex

Expansion Joint: Single or Two Ply & /or with Liner:

Explosion Proof: Engine Starters (AC & DC)

Flanges: ANSI, Flared, Marmon, MTU, Cummins, Cat.

Flex & Wye Connectors

Fuel Coolers, Oil Coolers, & Gas Coolers

Fuel Polishing System, Diesel Fuel Purifiers

Fuel Pumping Systems, Fuel System Controllers

Fuel Tanks: UL142 & 2085 Round & Rectangle

Heat Exchangers: Plate & Frame

Hockey Puck Silencers - Internally Insulated

Marine: Exhaust, Radiator, Generators Controls

Mufflers: Engine Exhaust

Outlet Extensions: For Exhaust

Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers
Pumps & Controls for Diesel Fuel & DEF Urea

Pumps & Motors for Hot Engine Coolant or Water

Radiators: Engine, Horizontal, Vertical

Rain Caps, Rain Guards, & Rain Bonnets

Remote Fill Boxes for Diesel Fuel or DEF Urea

Seismic Vibration Isolators

Silencers: Engine, Turbine, Vent, Steam, Inlet, Blower

Spark Arrestors & Silencers

Starters: AC & DC, Explosion Proof

Tanks for Fuel & DEF Urea, Pumping & Fill Systems

Thermal Blankets

Thimbles: Wall & Roof, Raincaps, Roof Jacks

Tubing: Fittings, Connectors, Elbows, Hanger, Drains

Vibration: Spring Isolators

Internally Insulated Hockey Puck, Oval, and Rectangular Silencers designed for use in Enclosures, Buildings or small spaces......Exhaust Systems for your Wildest requirements..............

Your Favorite Vendor

The oval or race-track style exhaust silencer above and three others were sold by Amstech and installed in the rebuilt Verizon building in New York City at Ground Zero.

DEF Urea Tank, Pump, Heat/Cool & Fill Systems for Generator SCR

  Cylindrical Exhaust Silencer Hockey Puck Silencer Rectangular Low Profile Exhaust Silencer

Exhaust Silencer

Wye Connector

Bellows Connector - Expansion Joint

Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger

Seismic Spring Isolators

Exhaust Silencer with Thermal Blanket

Day Tanks & Systems

 Fuel Polishing Systems

Sub-Base Tank Duplex Fill System



Radiator & Cooler

We can supply a variety of silencers to meet the most demanding noise attenuation requirements......................We can supply a physical match to an old silencer thereby reducing your installation costs......................Tired of maintaining batteries to start your prime power or cogeneration engine?...We can supply AC Engine Starters even in Explosion Proof configurations.

Amstech is dedicated to providing our clients with the finest & most responsive service.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you!

We offer a variety of Automatic Stationary & Portable Fuel Polishing Systems to maintain your Diesel Fuel.............Strong Radiators are designed to excel in generator service.....................Come to us for your Silencers, Flex, Bellows, Expansion Joints, and Wye assemblies, in addition to a variety of tube connectors, elbows, and custom designed exhausts to your Wildest requirements..................Replaceable tube radiators designed for the most demanding environments.


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