Ameridex Plate Exchangers

With over a decade of successful industry experience, Ameridex not only brings superior product quality and thermal performance to the marketplace, but also backs its line of plate and frame heat exchangers with an industry leading iron-clad two year thermal performance warranty, and guaranteed spare parts pricing which is valid for five years.

Ameridex offers the full range of Plate Heat Exchangers and Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers for cogeneration, marine, and other industrial applications in a wide variety of styles and metal compositions.


Ameridex manufactures a complete line of plate heat exchangers ranging from their line of compact solid body brazed exchangers, to our full size plate and frame units. For virtually any type of application available for a plate exchanger, Ameridex can custom design a heat exchanger to fit the bill. Whether the application is HVAC, Boiler, Dairy, Brewery, Marine, Heat Recovery, or Co-generation, Ameridex Plate Exchangers come to the job ready to work.

Plate Exchanger

Cut away design

Brazed Exchanger


Heat Transfer Plates:

Ameridex heat transfer plates are available in a wide variety of Stainless Steels, Hastelloys, Incoloys, Titanium’s, and other pressable materials to provide extended equipment life no matter how corrosive are the fluids used in an application.


The chevron plate pattern ensures maximum turbulence allowing for excellent heat transfer efficiency while minimizing fouling even at low flow rates. Sloping lead grooves guarantee even fluid distribution across the plate for maximum thermal performance. Double gasketed inlet ports incorporate fluid weep outlets eliminating fluid cross-contamination. Locking ports are pressed directly into each heat transfer plate, ensuring proper positioning of the plates within the plate pack during assembly, unit expansion, or routine maintenance.


Additionally, Ameridex heat transfer plates are available in two plate pattern configurations, thermal short and thermal long. Each design possesses individual thermal characteristics with regards to pressure drop and thermal efficiency. By loading a frame with the proper mix of plates, Ameridex can effectively customize equipment to meet the needs of customers in the most cost effective and thermally efficient manner.


Frame Design:

The Ameridex frame can be customized to meet all environmental and service demands. High pressure capabilities and plate-length combinations enable the Ameridex design team to provide single pass equipment in the majority of applications, thereby placing all piping connections on the front cover. Not only is the obvious advantage of lower cost for piping apparent, but inspection and general maintenance of the heat exchanger can be accomplished without disturbing piping.


Ameridex frames set the quality standard in the industry, offering bolted construction with no welds required save for mounting pads and connection nozzles. All frames utilize one piece front and rear covers with no welded stiffener reinforcement. This design allows for on-site assembly, when required due to space constraints, to be accomplished with ease.


Connections are available in a wide assortment of designs including studded ports (elastomeric or metal-lined), flanged nozzles, NPT nozzles, or victaulic grooved nozzles.


OSHA plate pack shrouds are available for all Ameridex Plate Exchangers in either stainless steel or aluminum.


ASME code stamp and National Board Registration are available as required.


Marine Applications - Lloyd's certification and DNV certification are available


Gasket Design:

The Ameridex heat transfer flow gasket is a one piece molded of an elastomer ideally suited for the operational fluids in the plate exchanger. The gasket design incorporates a multi-step face, locking groove tabs, and dual port weep grooves to insure a positive seal. Ameridex gaskets are available in elastomers like Nitrile, EPDM, and various grades of Viton. Many models are now available with our non adhesive snap-in gasket locking system, which utilizes a side locking design for easy installation and removal.

Brazed Exchangers

The Ameridex design and construction standards allow their brazed plate heat exchangers to operate continuously at temperatures ranging from -100 Deg. F. to 390 Deg. F. with operating pressures up to 400 PSI. These ranges far exceed those of traditional plate and frame heat exchangers which are limited by the characteristics of the gaskets included on the plates.


The benefits of brazed plate heat exchangers are:

Lightweight - Ameridex brazed plate heat exchangers are extremely lightweight and can in most cases be mounted directly onto piping without supports. Should a support be necessary in a particular application, Ameridex can supply a standard base or custom design one to fit customers specific needs.


Low Purchase Price - Ameridex brazed plate heat exchangers pack high thermal efficiency into a compact design. The reduced production costs of brazed plate exchangers allow for Ameridex to keep the cost of these exchangers at a very competitive levels when compared to more costly, traditional gasketed plate heat exchangers.


Ameridex brazed plate exchangers are constructed of precision stamped 316 SS heat transfer plates. The plate pack is vacuum brazed at extremely high temperatures, providing a permanently sealed exchanger. The final result is a compact and durable plate exchanger with high heat transfer capability.


The design of the Ameridex brazed exchanger increases turbulence in the flow of the fluids being utilized within the exchanger. This turbulence also minimizes the possibility of blockages, thus reducing the need for cleaning.



Heat Pumps and Heat Recovery

Hydraulic And Fuel Oil Units

Solar Heating and Air-Conditioning Units

District Heating

Steam Heating




Specialized Exchangers

Black Maxx Power / Co-Gen Exchangers

The Ameridex line of Black Maxx Plate Heat Exchangers is specifically designed for the power / co-gen markets.


These units are designed for:

• Low Pressure Drop

• High Thermal Efficiency

• Reduced Fouling

• Corrosion Resistance

• Minimal Space Requirements

• Ease Of Maintenance


Ameridex Black Maxx Plate Exchangers are computer designed for each application, with special attention being given to matching pressure drops of existing engine pumps. Wide-gap plates are utilized for maximum turbulence generation with minimum fouling and minimum pressure drop generation.


Marine Exchangers

Ameridex manufactures a complete line of Plate Heat Exchangers specifically designed and constructed for marine applications.


These units are utilized in:

• Main Engine Cooling

• Cylinder Cooling

• Lube Oil Cooling

• Fuel Oil Preheater

• Steam Condenser

• Domestic H2O Heater

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