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Swissco Systems, Inc. provides precision spring vibration isolator solutions.  They offer spring vibration isolators and elastomer base plate sound pads that are manufactured in the USA with very competitive pricing and excellent deliveries. They have been manufacturing and supplying vibration isolators for over 30 years. Currently they are providing isolators to the diesel engine and generator set market, the Gas Turbine market, marine industry, and the offshore and drilling rig market.

Heavy Duty Spring Isolators for: Diesel Generator Sets, Power Units, Pump Packages, Compressors, Heavy Industrial Equipment, Turbines, and Marine Engines & Equipment.

Let Swissco Systems & Amstech SPRING INTO ACTION and supply your vibration isolators.  These isolators are made in the USA and we can provide the support you need and deserve including rapid response for design assistance, AutoCad Drawings, installation guides, custom drilling and tapping, custom designs, pre-certified seismic designs. Amstech is proud to be the exclusive represent for Swissco in the Northeast.


All Seismic Zoned Spring Isolators are of welded plate steel construction and are furnished with  Springs are color coded and produced from oil tempered, high carbon steel.  All directional adjustment snubbing. External or Internal leveling adjustments. 

Zinc plated mounting hardware is standard and all Base Plates have pre-drilled holes for your convince in installation. Guaranteed Efficiency Rating. Typical Options available: External or Internal Leveling Adjustment.  Elastomer Base Plate Sound Pads.  Seismic Zoned HDS Series Spring Isolator ratings are available with Certification and documentation by an independent P.E.

In addition to their standard product line of isolators, they manufacture custom isolators designed to fit your specifications.



Many of our customers simply contact us for a design recommendation of the type, quantity, and placement of the spring isolators.

On most equipment, with the following information, Swissco can make a design recommendation quickly and efficiently:

  • Equipment type, application, and operating conditions.

  • Physical dimensions of the equipment and/or mounting skid.

  • Total weight of the system (equipment, skid, and all accessories, including fuel, lube oil, etc].

  • Center of gravity (CG) of the equipment.


When specifications call for independent certifications and supporting calculations on isolator performance, Swissco can readily provide them. Swissco’s “HDS Seismic Series” isolators are already pre-certified by an independent P.E. up to their maximum dead load limit. This can eliminate the need for additional job certifications.

HD Series

Load Range: Up to 17,000 Lbs.


General purpose - Equipment subject to moderate multi-directional forces.

MM Series

Load Range: Up to 125,000 Lbs.


For Stationary Equipment subject to high vertical forces.

MMJ Series

Load Range: 19,000 - 22,800 Lbs.


For Equipment subject to severe  multi-directional & vertical forces.

HDS Seismic Series

Certified Load Range: Up to 20,500 Lbs.


General purpose - Seismic Zone 1through 4 Seismic Applications.


MM-LS Series

Load Range: Up to 125,000 Lbs.


For Marine & Mobile Equipment with limit stops - For equipment subject to high vertical forces.

MMK Series

Load Range: 26,600 - 38,000 Lbs.


For Equipment subject to severe  multi-directional & vertical forces.

Isolators are available with internal or external adjustments.

Easy installation, Easy to adjust, Built to Last!         Large Inventory allows for a quick response time.

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