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MeccAlte, Inc. is based in Italy with additional manufacturing plants in England, China & India.  They are a major player in the world of Generator production for the Stationary, Rail, Marine, RTG Crane, and Aircraft Ground Support markets. They manufacture top quality 2 & 4 pole A/C synchronous generators, PTO generators, and engine driven welding units. Units are available in 60, 50, and 400 Hz.  This site contains drawings and in-depth technical data, pictures, parts lists, and manuals for their equipment. You will find a "News" section, Literature, Technical Documents, Drawings, and Certifications.

Custom Controls, Inc. has over 20 years of world wide experience in  producing top quality standard and custom built Analog, Digital, or Touch-Screen Controlled Switchgear and Electrical Control Centers.  They specialize in customized Unit mount control panels, Link Boards, Dual Voltage Boards, Breaker Boxes, and Multi-Source connection boards for marine and commercial markets.  CCI can provide you with Drastically Reduced Shipping Times, and very competitive pricing. They also build Quick Connection Tap Boxes for Load Banks & portable Generators, Storm Switches, and Docking Stations.

Zinardi is famous for their high quality and long lasting Welding Generators which are available in 1800 & 3600RPM.  These engine driven welders, 2 Pole AC or 2 and 4 Pole DC, 7 - 18 KW, 21 - 40 Weld Volts.  These units are well built and designed for long life with auto thermal protection, IP21 and IP23 enclosures.  This site has technical manuals and drawings in addition to a movie of the facilities construction.

SMS Silencers, Inc. is a leader in the production & design of exhaust systems and accessories for diesel, propane and natural gas engines.  They have manufactured State-of-the-Art exhaust systems since 1985.  They offer the most complete selection of reactive, absorptive, centrifugal silencers, and accessories.


Many new designs are being successfully used extensively in enclosures and compact space.  Standard models are available in Carbon Steel, Aluminized Steel, and 304 or 316 Stainless Steel with a variety of high temperature or corrosion resistant coatings.  Custom configurations, Reverse flow, and Dual Inlet models are no problem and quoted on request.  Inlet and Outlet connections options include Slip Fit, Flanges, Straight Tube, and Male or Female NPT’s.  Many silencers are available with insulation in the shells to lower the exterior body temperature.  Accessories range from Flex, Bellows, & Wye Connectors, in addition to Clamps, Brackets, Elbows, Rain Caps, Thimbles, Rain Bonnets, and Spark Arrestors, to Reusable Thermal Blankets.  This site contains technical information, presentations, sizing software, and product brochures which can be downloaded.


Need a compact well designed and built silencer....Think of using an SMS Silenser Puck Series or Racetrack Seies Silencer with 2" of internal insulation from Amstech.

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